Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lady Artisan Bats

This year's Lady Artisan bats are just about ready for their trip to the foundry. I started to create bats for the garden. Why would Lady Artisan create garden bats? The bats were a natural result of my study of garden sculpture. There are places in Europe in which placing sculptural bats in the garden is common place. I was intrigued.

In the USA there are people who value the bat because they are a natural way to reduce insects. People put houses out to attract bats. Sculptured bats are collected. There are even bat conventions. So I decided to create bats, Lady Artisan bats. I started by studying various species of bat, then creating my own bat using the bat face and wings that I liked best. You may recognize in Lady Artisan bats species that exist in nature. The whole package though is a unique Lady Artisan creation. Unlike the bats flying about your garden, Lady Artisan bats won't jump into your hair!

The new bats are flying bats. My patrons who have been collecting Lady Artisan hanging bats have asked for flying bats. So flying bats it is this year.

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