Monday, November 30, 2009

Inspiration In The Dark.

Creative inspiration, so often thought to be a lucky thought that happens into one's consciousness, seems in my life to more often be motivated by need. The opportunity to solve a problem, be it how to fix a broken toy or what sculptural shape will satisfy a patron stimulates the creative thought process.

I am often surprised by the string of events and thoughts that lead to a new artistic creation.

Tonight lying in bed, in the dark, wishing my creative brain to sleep, I was inspired to do - well - nothing. Time to stop frantic work and just be. Just be an artist. After hours of wishing my tired brain to sleep a deep resolution took over to be the artist I was created to be. Not to settle for less. Not to worry about those who make money but will never see their work inside of an art museum or historical book. More importantly, to never create a work of art that is capable of stirring the soul.

It is very nice to stir the soul through the excellence of a work of art. A rewarding more compelling than any other.

The creative energy motivated by sleeplessness in the dark has led to contentment. I can spend my day with my hands not working on my art and all is well. The challenge of fitting artistic creation into a busy life is itself an exciting creative possibility. What unexpected art will I create as I use stolen moments for artistic expression? How delightful this path might be!

For a great artist the masterful work happens inside. The work of the hands is often the smallest portion of the creative process. I often create art in the dark of a sleepless night, during a walk, while preparing a meal, and finally show the world what I created with my hands, putting it all in a visible form. It is more satisfying to my soul to create a few profound works of art, than a lot of drivel.

I am creating a masterful fountain. I think you will like it.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lady Artisan Open House

I love to have an open house displaying not only my artwork, but that of other talented artists. Lady Artisan's day is usually spent working in her studio. Creative work is solitary. Yes the cat will try to help me with my work. And the dog will beg for interruptions. Yet my days that are filled with the delight of creative process can be lonely. And once my creative energy is working Lady Artisan can find it difficult to stop and visit with people, or even to go to bed on time!

An open house is focused on the people who come. Food, music, restful chairs by a warm fire in the fire place. It is a chance to visit rather than work. I love Lady Artisan open houses for this reason. It is all about the people who come.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Laura Mundschau at Lady Artisan

My sister Laura, a very talented painter, is at the Lady Artisan Open House. Her cards, book marks, and magnets are themed after her forest fighting years.

You can purchase Laura's firefighting theme paintings at

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lady Artisan Guest Artist

A very talented artist, Nikita Woltersen will join Lady Artisan at her open house.

Nikita "Dragonrose" Woltersen of Dragonrose Designs is an artist that specializes in whimsical. Her art ranges from Print media, illustration and design to sculpture and jewelry.

Her dragons are fabulous. Dragon buddies with personality and charm.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Lady Artisan Dragon Lovers Needed!

Lady Artisan would like help discovering the true name of her dragon. Whoever can discern the dragon's true name will win the dragon pictured below.

I am excited about this contest. It is a fun and lively way to interact with Lady Artisan patrons, and let you help me in the creative process of this sculpture.

The current dragon has red eyes. Once we have discerned this dragon's true name I will present a green eyed dragon who also needs a name. Oh and lets not forget the baby dragon due in February.

Lots of naming to be done at Lady Artisan. If the dragons do not have their names then how will Lady Artisan keep track of them? So send in your name suggestions. Read about the naming contest on my website so that you have all of the details on how to discover the true name of this dragon.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lady Artisan Open House

This year Lady Artisan will again hold her popular Artist Art Show and Open House. Several talented artists will join in on this celebration of art and holidays. Stop back to see more on their work.