Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Lady Artisan Websites!

I am excited to announce that I have and am creating two new websites. Why not just use the one I have?

The reason is simple. has a purpose. To show and sell my art. I decided to keep its focus as it was and not create a website so huge and complex that it would not meet the needs of those going to it.

I created to tell everyone about me. It is a bio website. One where I can tell the world about lady artisan as an artist. Show how Lady Artisan become who she is - the Lady Artisan.

I then created a second website that is focused on techniques. Those who would like to learn how to do what I do will find instructions, demonstrations, and links to online resources. This is my teaching and education website.

Back to why I would separate the website content into three websites. Those who are shopping may not want to read about how I make the art. Those who are looking for information on how to sculpt or make a mold may not be interested in reading about the artist. Three separate websites with three different focuses will help those looking for the content they need quickly and efficiently.

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  1. Love the new websites! Great information and very fascinating. Thanks for sharing.