Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lady Artisan Bronze Mold Making

Today I posted a page on a new Lady Artisan website. The page shows how to make a Lady Artisan mold to create a wax that will be cast into bronze. I am excited about this website. It is intructional. A teaching website. Those who would like to learn how to create bronze or pewter sculptures will love this website. As I create new sculptures I will post pictures and instructions on how to create the kind of work of art depicted.

Visit to see the latest.

Lady Artisan has created a lovely new bat bell and flying bat sculpture for those of you who love bats in the home or garden. The steps to create this new work of art are being posted as I do the work. I think the subject fits. I must be a bit batty to be an artist, correct? So bats fit the bill!

Lady Artisan loves her Patrons! Huzzah!

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