Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lady Artisan Bats and Black Cats and White Dogs

The Lady Artisan Bats are completed. Lady Artisan's cat helped with the bats. It is fitting that Lady's cat is black, when it was bats she was sculpting. It has occured to Lady Artisan that she is quite ready for fall. Black cat, and bats. Perfect for fall seasonal activities.

Of course by fall the bats will reside with patrons. The cat shall stay with Lady Artisan who loves her cat very much. Lady Artisan also has a dog, a white dog. Kinda funny - black and white pets. It was not planned it that way, it just happened. Often when pets come into our lives it is as if fate or the pets choose us. And that is how Lady Artisan came to have a black cat and a white dog. As for the bats, the white and black pets would prefer that Lady Artisan played with them, not work on art a good part of the day. The black cat and white dog are very happy that the bats are completed. Little do they know that another art project awaits Lady Artisan's time the next day.

Do not be alarmed. Lady Artisan took her white dog Trick or Treating. The pumpkin was filled with doggie treats for the dog, and candy for Lady Artisan. Lady Artisan was careful to keep the treats separated. If you like candy, and do not have kids, then Lady Artisan suggests to take your dog trick or treating. You both will feast well and get to know your neighbors better!
Black cat has a name, Lady Artisan adopted him and kept his name: Samuel.
White dog has a name. Lady Artisan adopted him and kept his name : Jester.
Both pets has too many nicknames to mention today. (Lady Artisan smiles)

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