Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lady Artisan Travels

It has been a few months since I have posted a blog. Major changes in the life of this artist have been in process. Many of you are aware of how I have been altering my life to that of a full time traveling artist.

Currently I am in Texas, at Scarborough Faire. It is a lovely faire and I hope that all of my Texas Patrons will stop by and say hello, and those from other states are able to travel down to this festival. It has been a delight to visit with you who have already stopped by! Remember that I keep ice on hand for your bodice cooler and flask. They really are heaven in a bottle!

Traveling across the country, living away from home, and learning to work on the road is a huge transition. I am still adjusting but love the change of lifestyle. As I have always said, the Festival is a fantastic venue because I am able to meet you my patrons and spend time with you. Now I will be able to do that year round.

From Scarborough expect to see Lady Artisan in Colorado. A place in Colorado is pending. After Colorado I will be back in Minnesota for the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. Then the plan is to return to Texas for TRF. A place at TRF is pending. Hopefully this year Arizona can find a place for my booth. Other state festivals are in the plans and I will let you know where I will be as contracts are finalized.

Today I prepared photographs and applications to new shows across the country. One of the adjustments to being on the road is that the vendor I need may not be in the area. Many photographs of my art are not cropped to standard dimensions. They are cropped to display the art at its best. Many photo finishing outlets cannot print a photograph that is not a standard size without cropping out vital parts of the photograph. Tomorrow I will resume my search for a lab that can do the job. A trip to Dallas may be required.

May all of your dreams be just what you wished for!

With Love,

Lady Artisan


  1. Cool - glad you're adjusting! Did you get the journal all right?

  2. Yes! I have it. I have to look at it! I have been waiting until I can sit and really enjoy it. Should be within the week. :)

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