Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tilttoo Shop for Crafting Fun

This blog topic is for my friends who love to create using fabric. Some of you sew, others scrapbook. And a few of you create all manner of fun things.

I have found a shop on Etsy that has fabric for sale.

The shop is run by Theresa of Tilt Creations.

Check it out. These fabrics can be a great gift for someone you know who would love to use them!

Theresa also sells patterns for those who love to sew their own clothing,. You know who you are and you are not me. (Lady Artisan Cannot Sew!)
Theresa does her own sewing. She designs hand bags! You can find the hand bags at another of her etsy shops. Hand crafted bags are the perfect solution for those of you who would like a unique bag that screams YOU!

Lady Artisan would like to thank all who have sewing talents. Without those talents Lady Artisan would not have anything to wear!


  1. Hi, I'm your Etsy Bloggers Street Team Journal swap partner so I'll need your address to mail my journal to you at the end of the month! Please email me using the link on the right sidebar of my blog:

    Thank you!!!

    -- Laurie


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