Monday, November 23, 2009

Lady Artisan Dragon Lovers Needed!

Lady Artisan would like help discovering the true name of her dragon. Whoever can discern the dragon's true name will win the dragon pictured below.

I am excited about this contest. It is a fun and lively way to interact with Lady Artisan patrons, and let you help me in the creative process of this sculpture.

The current dragon has red eyes. Once we have discerned this dragon's true name I will present a green eyed dragon who also needs a name. Oh and lets not forget the baby dragon due in February.

Lots of naming to be done at Lady Artisan. If the dragons do not have their names then how will Lady Artisan keep track of them? So send in your name suggestions. Read about the naming contest on my website so that you have all of the details on how to discover the true name of this dragon.

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