Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lady Artisan Success

The ladies who work in my shop, patrons who return to Lady Artisan year after year from all over the country, and patrons from outside of the USA have all helped to make Lady Artisan a success. I, the Lady Artisan, love you all and thank you for your support. Let me know what artistic creations you would like to see and I will set about creating your desire. I am excited about the Festivals of 2010 and plan to have exciting new creations for all to enjoy.

This photo is of my lovely helper Nikita Rose Waltersen. She is a very talented artist who specializes in dragons that are so sweet and personable they can make your heart melt. Nikita is busy cleaning festival dust off of Lady Artisan's The Lady of The Leaves Water Fountain. We are forever cleaning festival dust off of our artwork at the Festival.

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