Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lady Artisan 2010

Lady Artisan has exciting plans for this new year.

Many of you in Texas have asked Lady Artisan to visit your fine state. You have asked Lady Artisan to travel south for many years now. This is the year you have been waiting for. Lady Artisan plans to go Texas!
There are two Renaissance Festivals in Texas where you may find Lady Artisan in 2010.
Lady Artisan at Scarborough
Applications will soon be reviewed for new Artisans at Scarborough. If Scarborough has room for a sculptor and a place for her shop then you will find Lady Artisan here.

Lady Artisan at Texas

You can find many of Lady Artisan's friends demonstrating their craft and selling their wares at this festival. Although not until October Lady Artisan will apply to this Renaissance Festival soon.

Lady Artisan at Minnesota
You will find Lady Artisan at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival as always. 2010 will be a year of festivity for Lady Artisan and her patrons.

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