Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lady Artisan's Favorite Holiday Tradition

Thinking about the holidays, contemplating beyond new Lady Artisan ornaments for collectors and commissions that are gifts and under deadline, what is it that Lady Artisan would like for this year's holiday?

What holiday tradition is one that will most cheer the soul this year's season? Traditions run the gammet from foods that are served, holidays productions one attends, and rituals that one enjoys in the home.

My sister has a tradition that her husband's family passed down that is quite fun. I do not know its origin, but the ongoing playfulness is one that any family with children through teenagers should have delight incorporating. College dorms and other community living situations can find this tradition to be an easy and free source of entertainment. Free once you have an elf.

Lady Artisan traditionally has created a new ornament every holiday season. Maybe this year Lady Artisan should create a Christmas elf!

It starts with the elf. Make an elf, buy an elf doll or sculpture. An elf is required.

Elf Hiding on Deer Ornament

Hide the elf in your home. Whoever finds the elf has the fun of finding a new hiding place for the elf. The elf must be hidden in plain view. Even if only a hand, foot, or a face peeks out from a branch on the Christmas Tree the elf must be placed so that it can be spotted. That is spotted by those not blinded with business, worry, frantic activity, or preoccupation with the tasks they must do!

Elf hiding on wall art.

This tradition is fun, brings a lot of joy and laughter. It helps young ones to learn to pay attention to their environment. It is ongoing fun that helps prevent bordom. Guests that stop over can join in on the elf game. Finding creative ways to hide the elf in plain view is educational for the young and just plain fun for everyone.

Perhaps best of all, busy mothers and fathers will find that this holiday tradition does not take a lot of time.

Elf reveals hand from within stocking.

Lady Artisan may have to sculpt a Lady Artisan original elf to use in her home!

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  1. This sounds like a lot of fun, would be nice to do with lots of family visiting.