Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Garden and Art

The last two years I have allowed squatters - I mean weeds gain control of my gardens. Allowing weeds to stay for more than a day is equivalent to giving them the deed to your property. They sink their roots in deep, spread seed everywhere, and soon their presence overwhelms the legitimate residents of the garden. The neighbors must believe by now that I love creeping charlie, dandelions, and things I cannot even name. A weed garden.

Why have I allowed weeds to take over year after year? The weeds are at their most earnest when I am working hard to get ready for the Renaissance Festival. This year I am determined to give the gardens enough time so that I can enjoy them. And I have a plan.

As I weed I am going to cut out pieces of paper based weed barrier and cover the ground. I can cut pieces to fit between the perennials, that is the ones that have survived the weed onslaught. This should bring things into a place of management again.

I look forward to a daily resting of my mind, feasting of my eyes, and delighting my soul with the sight of beautiful flowers before I begin my work on my art. I trust this will transfer over into the quality and kind of work that I produce.

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