Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lady Artisan Flask Funnels

Today I worked on a silicone mold that needed to be repaired for the third time! I now know why the mold is tearing so this time the repair should last.

Lady Artisan Flask Funnels are quite popular. They are a visually pleasing way to be certain not to lose your good spirits as you fill your flask. These Flask Funnels are designed so that you can hold the flask and funnel in one hand as you pour with the other.

The Dragon Flask Funnel has an imperfection in the narrow tube section of the funnel that rips the mold as the cast metal is removed from the mold. This happens after about 20 castings. To fix this permanently took several steps.
  1. I worked on a cast Dragon Funnel, not the original sculpture, using wax to fill in a tiny hole that catches on the silicone when the sculpture is removed from the mold.
  2. I put the cast Dragon Funnel back into the mold.
  3. New silicon was poured into the damaged area of the mold.

If this repair works the mold will provide castings for years to come. If it does not prove resilient then I plan to replace the problematic part of the silicone mold with steel.


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